Blockchain Technology For Salesforce: Keep up with the Progress

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Blockchain Technology For Salesforce: Keep up with the Progress



The technical progress evolves quickly, and almost every day you can see new or upgraded software, inventions and high tech appearing. It seems one day blockchain technology will be everywhere. The CRM systems evolve and follow the latest inventions too. Even the platform’s vendors claim the blockchain to be trendy.


In this article, we will discover what Blockchain is, how does Salesforce use it, and make a forecast about the future of the application.


What Is Blockchain and Why Is It Essential for Enterprises?

Blockchain technology is the way to collect, track and transfer information (like cyber currency, voting results, or medical data). Each new data block is connected to the existing data chain. Such a sequence is called blockchain.


Blockchain was launched in 2008 with a primary task to feed bitcoins. A year later, the company’s owners started using it in the various business areas, starting with copyright protection ending with the customer relationship management improvement.


Salesforce is friendly to all-sized businesses but focuses mainly on the enterprises. So, it is worth paying attention to the possible profit Salesforce can get from the blockchain technology.


You can get the following benefits from the blockchain using:



  • Increase the CRM Data Security


That means blockchain technology will protect your company’s data. This feature is essential while using the cloud solutions.


  • Ability to Understand the Customer’s Needs Better


Blockchain allows you to get the clients’ overview, analyze their requests and see where will be best to invest the resources. Thus, CRM together with blockchain can boost the realization of customers’ demands and give you an innovative platform for managing the offerings.


  • Improvement of Customer Experience Management


That is how you will be able to manage clients’ experience regardless of the industry and be sure of the clients’ data security.


Also, you will be able to:

  • use an undeniable and secure customer database to run customer loyalty programs;
  • manage the customer rewards;
  • secure the clients' wallets to improve your company's general image;
  • prevent the mobile applications from hacker attacks through the use of the blockchain technology.


As you can see, applying the blockchain technology in CRM system to improve safety, quality and speed of your service, and raise it up to new heights is an excellent idea. It is fair to notice that this combination makes them both a great tandem.


The Deloitte explains The Blockchain Practice as well. So, pay attention to the following mind-map, and check out the division of blockchain by industries:


Blockchain Technology for the Salesforce Distributed Ledger Tool

Blockchain has an ultimate security layer. In this case, it can be used for solving the critical customer service issues.

The blockchain technology for Salesforce distributed ledger can be revolutionary in the customer experience management.


Vikal Kapoor, CEO at Dapps Inc., believes that the blockchain is "the ultimate connectivity layer." He says: "The customer journey is a live event, and everyone involved is invited to the show."

Therefore, while the technology and Salesforce are working together, the companies are in constant interaction with all partners involved in the customer relations. The client and company will cooperate with each other in the process of sales.

That is the way for the customer to feel the expected service or product.


Salesforce Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

Salesforce is a looking ahead company. It explores and applies innovative technologies (mobile applications, social, IoT or artificial intelligence).

At the end of March 2018, Salesforce co-founders Marc Benioff and Parker Harris pronounced a range of future innovations based on the blockchain technologies.


Benioff thesis is: “I had been thinking a lot about what is Salesforce’s strategy around blockchain, and what is Salesforce’s strategies around cryptocurrencies and how will we relate to all of these things.” And the more he was thinking about it, the more Benioff start realizing that Salesforce could apply the Blockchain. As a result, he saw a way to make blockchain and cryptocurrencies work in Salesforce.


Blockchain technology was launched to track Bitcoin and other digital currencies. But, now it has a general business role because of the possibility to track down everything valuable.

Today, we know not many details about Salesforce cryptocurrency and blockchain project. But, it is clear that the company sees the plus in having the own form of digital currencies value.


Therefore, the Salesforce innovative implementations may cause a more significant role of the Bitcoin than it has now.


Is Salesforce Going to Blockchain Research Institute?

Yes! Moreover, Salesforce is already a new member of the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI). That was announced on May, 24.


Peter Schwartz, Senior Vice-President of Strategic Planning at Salesforce, said: "As with other disruptive technologies, blockchain requires deep study from a variety of perspectives to understand its broader implications."


The other new members are Austrian banking group Raiffeisen Bank International, Decental, Switzerland-based BPC Banking Technologies, Polymath, brand manager VIKTRE, public relations firm Navigator Limited, blockchain startups Aion, Shyft Network and Sweetbridge.


The Institute studies the blockchain technology, strategies, applications, and obstructions to its implementation. Also, it can boast about the membership in government departments and major technology companies such as Microsoft, IBM, PepsiCo and the Bank of Canada.


BRI was founded in 2017. And in February 2018 it announced the partnership with India's National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM).

Grand Plans from Salesforce: Blockchain Integration By the End Of 2018

According to the interview with Parker Harris, the co-founder of Salesforce, the company is going to unveil the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency support by September 2018.

“I hope that by [our annual conference] Dreamforce we will have a Blockchain and cryptocurrency solution for Salesforce and for all of our customers,” - he said.


As well, you can attend Dreamforce, the Salesforce’s large annual customer conference. It will be held on 25-28 of September in San Francisco. And if the plans come true, the Salesforce blockchain and cryptocurrency integration will be announced there.


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To sum up


By and large, if you want to become Salesforce user and get benefits from this progressive platform, take advantages of automated data migration. What is more, Trujay is an official partner of Salesforce CRM and is recommended as a service for the secure and swift data import.


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