Capsule to Pipedrive: CRM Data Migration Without Headache

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Capsule to Pipedrive: CRM Data Migration Without Headache

We made it to 2020. We have social media, AI, and live in the age of information. But what’s next? Flying cars, loyal robots, virtual reality? 


One thing we know is that the world will soon be another, with lots of changes and (hopefully) improvements. It’s evolving and changing every minute.


If you are reading this article, maybe you too, are looking for a change. Let’s dive into the migration process from Capsule to Pipedrive and get your CRM evolved.



Why Pipedrive?



  • Improve efficiency



By clicking on the Add Deal button at the top of the Deals section, you can simply add an offer and type the appropriate data into the pop-up dialog. 


The integrated Activity Scheduler makes it much easier to coordinate events and plan meetings with no risk of double entries in your calendar. 


Be mindful of the Mail tab because it's a location where all of your emails are synced.



  • Improve customer retention



The ability to understand each customer helps you nurture and maintain the relationship. In doing so, you should have a 6th sense for signs that suggest a customer is about to churn. 


To customize the messages you send, use Pipedrive CRM processes to optimize CRM records.



  • Improve customer satisfaction



Your customer support departments are working hard to give clients the best service. Pipedrive’s technology will make the service level even better. Customer support reps can provide highly customized and fast support by having a picture of the customer's journey in front of them.



  • Better forecasting and report



Pipedrive has a very valuable tab called Statistics, which can be connected to the dashboard. You can add colleagues so they can get a better grasp of critical metrics. 


Pipedrive will store all conversations and related information in a central database. You can also build a special report which shows all aspects of your results.



Migrate from Capsule to Pipedrive


Before migrating, we have some tips for you:


  • Analyze and clean up your records. Take the time to find out how your data is structured, where it is located, and which records need more attention.


  • Remove all unnecessary data before proceeding with the migration to Pipedrive. It will be easier to work with your new CRM system.


  • Create a backup plan. A backup will help to reduce the risk of data loss after data migration.


  • Inform your employees about the changes.



Migrate from Capsule to Pipedrive in 4 steps


1. To get started with the migration from Capsule to Pipedrive, visit Trujay’s Self-Service Wizard.



2. Log into your existing and future CRMs. It will be a Capsule and Pipedrive.


3. Afterward, you can choose objects you want to migrate or you may change the specific mapping fields on your own. To do this, click the ‘Fields Mapping’ button. If everything looks good, click ‘Free Sample Migration’.


4. When the Sample Migration from Capsule to Pipedrive is finished, you may evaluate the results. If you’re satisfied,  you can launch a full migration.



Note: In case something goes wrong and you want to set up mapping on your own or change migration options, click the “Change Fields Mapping” button. Choose data fields to migrate and check certain boxes to migrate your records.


You can re-run your free sample migration and change field mapping as many times as you need at no cost.




Post-Migration Tips:


  • The records have migrated to the correct fields


  • Links are correctly restored between transferred items


  • Custom workflow rules are created



Trujay’s Guided Self-Service Migration 


Another way of migrating from Capsule to Pipedrive is our GUIDED SELF-SERVICE MIGRATION. 


So now you know how the self-service tool works. If you don’t want to use the self-service tool on your own or think that you can’t do it properly, we are here to help you!


Our Guided Service allows you to simply pay for 5 hours of technical support and have a dedicated, personal account manager discuss your options, guide you through the mapping process, and/or do the entire Self-Service Migration for you. 


We’re always ready to guide you through every step of the self-service tool so that you can feel comfortable and know that you’re doing it right, saving you time and money (and headaches!).



Wrap Up


Pipedrive is a great choice to improve your business and increase your revenue. However, migrating to Pipedrive requires good preparation and arrangements. 


Make the right decision and use Trujay to migrate the data for you. Leave the milestones of the migration process in the hands of the experts. Download our free handbook to see how it works.


If you’re looking for similar services, check out our services page. To get in touch with a Trujay expert, start live chatting or contact us.

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