“We have to constantly be creating value in every interaction with the customer” - an interview with David Brock

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“We have to constantly be creating value in every interaction with the customer” - an interview with David Brock

Editor’s note: The customer-driven world and business competition becomes more stiffer. The companies skip a thought of the organization growth without the exceptional and efficient relationships with the potential clients.

Today, we present you an interview with David Brock, Author "Sales Manager Survival Guide,"​ CEO at Partners In EXCELLENCE, Ruthless Pragmatist. He guides us through the main aspects of the successful customer, sales and marketing experience. So, check out how to build the quality client relationships and empower your team to accomplish the desired results.


  • David, since you are focusing on the customer facing side of the organization, can you teach us to build the good and right relationships with the clients?


To be successful in marketing and sales, you have to be genuinely interested in your customers and want to help them achieve their goals.  If you don’t care, it’s readily apparent to customers and will be very difficult for you to win business on anything but price, or to build a long relationship.


  • In the constantly evolving business world, the clients become more demanding about everything and want to be reached in the personalized and unique way. Can you provide our readers any suggestion on that?


I actually disagree with this statement.  Customers have always cared about what they care about and want us to focus on them, their goals, challenges and dreams.  They’ve always wanted us to personalize our approaches to them, their business, and needs.  Nothing has changed except that now customers have many more alternatives for getting the information they care about.  As a result, where in the past sales and marketing helped educate the customer, now customers don’t need us for those purposes anymore.  As a result, unless we are very focused on them, their needs/problems/goals, unless we can bring them unique insights and them through their buying process, they don’t need us.  We have to constantly be creating value in every interaction with the customer.


  • As I can see from your profile, you are the author of the “Sales Manager Survival Guide.” Please, tell us the essential points of the book and how the sales managers can benefit from it?


Too many managers and aspiring managers don’t really understand their jobs.  They think it’s to “make the numbers.”  Actually, that’s not the manager’s job, that’s their people’s job.  In reality the manager can only get things done through her people.  Her job is to maximize the performance of each individual on her team.  Sales Manager Survival Guide is intended as a practical desk guide to help managers do this in the most impactful way possible.


  • In your opinion, can CRM systems help to gain the efficient customer experience and reach the desired business goals?  What are advantages and disadvantages of implementing the platform?


Technology, whether it’s CRM or something else can help amplify our ability to do our work and serve customers.  It can help us be more effective, efficient and impactful.  But without a foundation of strong strategies, practices, principles and beliefs around customer experience, these tools can’t help us achieve our goals.  Too often, we make things about the technology and tools, but poorly implemented, they enable us to create crap at the speed of light.


  • Since I mentioned before, that clients’ preferences and expectations are changing just as quickly as improvements in technology, what your predictions for the next year regarding sales, marketing and customer services strategies?


We will continue to be distracted by the latest, most fashionable “quick fixes,” tools, and techniques, we will continue to chase pots of gold at the end of rainbows.  But the fundamental principles haven’t changed for some years, yet we consistently fail to execute them.  Nothing will change until we focus on basic execution of what we know we should be doing.


  • To conclude, being an expert in so many fields, can you recommend any valuable resources and books, so our readers can start earning better relationships with their clients immediately for achieving the profound business improvements?


The single most valuable resources is your customer.  Rather than reading books and articles from so called “experts,” get to know your customers.  Learn what it’s like to walk in their shoes, listen to them, learn from them.

We’d like to thank David for the valuable answers and practical recommendations. We are sure the suggestions provided in this interview will help our readers to attract more prospects, build positive customer experience, and improve client retention.

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