How to migrate from HubSpot to Salesforce: a hassle-free guide

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How to migrate from HubSpot to Salesforce: a hassle-free guide

How to migrate from HubSpot to Salesforce: a hassle-free guide.


CRM systems may experience failure in performance after being used for long periods of time. When a system crashes, experiences data loss, or simply doesn’t fit your custom needs, it means it’s time for a change. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the processes and benefits of migrating from HubSpot to Salesforce.



Why Salesforce is the right option


Both HubSpot and Salesforce are advanced platforms, but how do you know which one is best suited for you? If your business is evolving or you’re running an enterprise, Salesforce is the most effective solution.


Salesforce has the ability to work around your custom industry needs and provides a 360° view of your client information. The platform includes quality features that enhance sales and stimulate marketing efforts. Salesforce lets you collaborate on projects and sales opportunities through its main newsfeed and provides a full-blown social network via Salesforce Chatter.


According to, Capterra, and, Salesforce gets an average customer satisfaction score of 4.07/5.


At first, Salesforce CRM can be a little bit tricky because of the huge number of offered features. Also, if you are willing to pay for the privilege, you can attend Salesforce University to get a week’s worth of training to get the most out of the software. There is a lot of available customization because Salesforce is a great solution for all types of companies.


Salesforce works with some of the best third-party apps, whether you're talking about G Suite, MailChimp or Quickbooks. These integrations operate with the platform seamlessly to permit a smooth transition for your team. Salesforce has an entire system called App Exchange that’s dedicated to the thousands of products and integrations.



How to Prepare for the CRM data migration from Salesforce to Hubspot


Proper preparation and organization are important to any project, and CRM data migrations are no exception. Consider the following guidelines on how to identify possible Salesforce migration challenges and identify the appropriate activities in advance.



  • Clean up Data



Get to know the organization and management rules of the database before setting up any cleaning or deletion activities. You should distinguish the types of vital information and ensure the consistency and validity of the transmitted data. 

Don't forget that incomplete duplicates can be merged or replaced in such a way that records remain original and consistent.



  • Get Organized



Edit or build your team's rules for handling data. It's going to help keep records logically ordered. For example, the organization uses sales targets to ensure that all leads, contacts and accounts are sorted by location.



  • Know Your Data



Identify the objects you want to migrate to HubSpot and determine how your current CRM differs from your future solution. Let 's assume that the data covers past items like old appointments or missing meetings.



  • Create a Backup Plan



Create a backup plan to eliminate any data loss. You may use Trujay’s Data Backup to make your data secure. You can create a sample data backup to see how the service works. The backup process is based on an API request and can take from 5 minutes to several hours, as it depends on your data set and your system’s peculiarities. 


A practical guide for HubSpot to Salesforce data migration


Businesses are always looking for the right tool to transfer CRM records quickly and securely. There are several different ways to do this, so let’s take a look. 


1. A DIY Approach


If you decide to rewrite the records on your own, here’s how you’ll benefit: 


  • You’ll be able to recollect contacts and delete old or useless ones.
  • The relationships between records will be set manually and in the correct order.


However, there are major consequences when migrating on your own: 


  • The task is time-consuming; you will spend hours or even days transferring data, time that could be spent working on your business. 
  • The process is tedious and easy to mess up, depending on the number of records you have. 
  • If you decide to contract the task out to a freelancer, expect to pay that person a lot of money. 


2. Migrate data automatically


This kind of data transfer can provide you with the following benefits:


  • The information will be migrated as fast as possible
  • You’ll have the time to manage other business operations
  • No room for “human mistakes” during the migration process


Trujay’s automated-service migration is the best solution for transferring data from HubSpot to Salesforce. This hands-off process allows the data to be migrated without you lifting a finger; no copying, no pasting, no programming.


The best part: Trujay’s migration service is an official Salesforce partner. There is no need to get an API key from Salesforce because we can import your data to any Salesforce edition



HubSpot to Salesforce step-by-step



Step 1. Visit our Wizard to start a one-page sample migration. No registration required. Just log into your current and future CRMs by filling in the required credentials or by clicking the "Connect" button. You’ll receive your results by email.
insightly to salesforce
Step 2. After the sample migration is complete, evaluate the achieved results. If they satisfy you, choose an insurance plan and proceed with the full migration.
piedrive to hubspot
In case something goes wrong or you’d like to set up mapping on your own, click “change options”. Choose data fields to migrate, uncheck unneeded ones, and match users and modules to set up relationships between them.
You can also click on the "Change fields mapping (optional)" button to open advanced mapping options.
insightly to salesforce
Keep in mind that you can change mapping and re-run the sample migration for free as many times as you need.



Guided Self-Service


In case you’ve reviewed our self-service tool, but you don’t want to use the self-service tool on your own, we have your back. 


Our Guided Migration Service allows you to simply pay for 5 hours of technical support. You’ll have a dedicated, personal account manager discuss your options, guide you through the mapping process, and/or do the entire Self-Service Migration for you. For more details on our Guided Service, visit our Guided Self-Service Migration and get in touch with our experts at Characteristics:


  • Cost-conscious 
  • 5 hours of expert support
  • Less time-consuming
  • Personal account manager
  • Automated migration process



Custom Migration


Trujay’s Custom Migration Service is a more personal and less DIY-type of approach. Our account managers will guide you through the entire process. 


Custom Migrations provide you with a personal account manager, migration setup, customization of migration, migration assistance, and the following features:


  • Higher cost 
  • Almost no limitations 
  • Very low involvement
  • Personal approach
  • Little to no time consumed
  • Pre/Post-migration validity
  • Automated migration process


You can find the difference between Self-Service Migration and Custom Migration here and more useful information in our blog.  


Custom migration offers these following packages.



What does a ‘personal approach’ mean in terms of Salesforce to HubSpot migration?


The personal approach is aimed at eliminating any possible problems during the CRM migration and ensures to assist you through the transition process. You can:


  • Schedule a call and clarify all necessary information about the CRM migration 


  • Get an overview of the main steps of your data import


  • Get an investigation and analysis of your data migration requirements with the help of our tech team


  • Evaluate your CRM migration details and let us launch the Full migration to the desired CRM



Bottom slice


If you have a growing business with specific demands and increasing configurations, the HubSpot to Salesforce migration is your best move. So, don’t wait!


Move a part of your actual data from HubSpot to Salesforce by trying out our free Sample Migration. Otherwise, feel free to estimate your migration price. We can’t wait to offer you the best quote.


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