Migration to Insightly: Learn the Ropes of Automated CRM Switch

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Migration to Insightly: Learn the Ropes of Automated CRM Switch

Every business owner has an ambitious nature and aims to become successful, as well as a corner the market. Leading profitable business requires hard work, learning from failures and well-thought objectives. It’s all flattering terms, but the reality of company’s everyday life brings the steadily growing piles of data and changing marketing tendencies along with the demanding customers. There is a widespread situation when sales department has no idea what marketing team is doing, as well as customers, get discouraged with your services and products. So, the bridging the company-client communication and inside record sharing gaps become one of the crucial needs.

With the aim of business improvement and money saving, a lot of vendors considering about migration to Insightly. This cloud CRM platform offers a competitive feature and tool sets for company’s data managing, enhancing of the primary business process and elaboration of speed and quality of customer issue solving. So, if you are considering about moving your current CRM to Insightly, these migration tips turn up just at the right moment.

Gird Yourself for Changes

The important decisions made on the spot may bring you failures and money loss instead of desired results. So, you need to deal with your data and sort out the mess.

  • You may start with the refining and choose the records for the migration process.
  • After that, double-check the contact and lead data and delete the dead wood and duplicated profiles.
  • Except for customers information, make sure that your communication and buying histories and reporting data saved. These records are the basis for your future projects and objectives.
  • As a forward-thinking business owner, leave a swing-back plan and make a backup of all your records.

Do a Spadework on Insightly

After preparing your data for the migration to Insightly, you need to make one more important step. You need to try your desired CRM solution in action, figure out the work of principal tools and study out the pricing plans. Insightly offers the following editions with various feature sets.

  • Gratis is a free version that hosts up to 3 users. There is 2,500 different records (contacts, organizations, notes, project, and emails), 200 MB storage and up to 40 custom fields.
  • Standard comes with $7 user/month - billed annually and $9 user/month - billed monthly. Here you have unlimited storage and number of users, as well as integration and customization abilities.
  • Enterprise edition price requires contacting with Insightly Sales team. Apart from the 100 custom fields, you have an unlimited amount of records, users, and storage. Extended customer support, integration and personalization opportunities.

The paid versions offer you a free trial, so you may evaluate the work of Insightly and compare it to your current CRM platform.

Pick up the Stream of Automated Migration

Trujay may transfer the following CRM modules during the automated migration to Insightly.


The SaaS facilitates the process of CRM data migration and offers a reasonable pricing policy. The total cost of your switch depends on a number of your records. Keeping its users in mind, Trujay provides you with the Migration Estimator that helps you to calculate the price of your migration to Insightly.

Having learned the tricks of CRM switch, you are still hesitating? Launch your free Demo Migration to Insightly, and your doubts will disappear without a trace.

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