Salesforce vs Zoho: Severe Clash of CRM Titans

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Salesforce vs Zoho: Severe Clash of CRM Titans

Fostering innovation is a high point, and it comes up with new ways of doing things. The appropriate CRM software possesses the credible features, as well as skills for cultivating prosperous teamwork. However, you need to judge the ingenuity and efficiency of the feature and tool sets on the basis of your company needs.

Salesforce and Zoho CRM represent the complete and scalable CRM software that holds abreast of the latest development and keeps in touch with the market. In case, you are a forward thinker, the thought ‘Salesforce vs Zoho- which one is better?’ has already crossed your mind. So, let’s switch on the logic, and compare merits and drawbacks of these CRM solutions.

Salesforce vs Zoho: New Salience Comes with a Price

Salesforce is a full-featured and dependable CRM solution that suits the requirements of businesses of any size. It serves to facilitate the work of such industries as banking, life science, communication, and media, as well as non-profit organizations. The cloud platform offers 4 editions that provide various feature sets depending on the price.

  • Essentials ($25 user/month) basic sales and marketing options (up to 10 users)
  • Professional ($75 user/month) complete feature CRM set
  • Enterprise ($150 user/month) extended customization abilities
  • Unlimited ($300 user/month) maximum sales and support options

Zoho CRM is a competitive and practical software that enhances the demands of start-ups, as well as big enterprises. Financial service, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing take the advantage of this solution. Zoho has a 15-day free trial and 4 paid versions with different abilities and opportunities.

  • Standard (12 user/month) sales tools for small and mid-size business
  • Professional ($20 user/month) full CRM for medium enterprises
  • Enterprise ($35 user/month) opportunities for multi-level organizations
  • Ultimate ($100 user/month) extra tools for customer-focused companies

Salesforce vs Zoho: Celebrate Sales and Marketing Automation

Salesforce enables you with the following strength at the marketing battlefields:

  • Convert more leads into customers using gathering the right information and scoring them, and assigning to the workers for avoiding the loss of a potential client;
  • Create targeted campaigns for specific customers groups with the help of territory management;
  • Monitor your deals status and fix the incidents or miscalculation for successful closing;
  • You can generate quotes on the basis of the acquired products data and spread them among targeted customers;
  • Personalized and targeted emails will help you to engage more prospective clients to your campaigns;
  • Except designing and executing projects, you can track the customer responses about your services.

Zoho offers its users the next opportunities for lucrative business performance:

  • You may generate and qualify the leads, as well as enhance their conversion and retention;
  • Zoho provides you with the ability of customer segmentation that extend the information and improve the planning of targeted campaigns and special offers;
  • Web forms allow you to create new contacts and cases for gathering more data;
  • Campaign management offers you creating and managing projects performance;
  • The main marketing tool of Zoho is the mass mailing, besides the option of auto responses helps to follow up with the clients;
  • You can facilitate your sales process using quotes, order and purchase orders;
  • Zoho offers the opportunity of invoicing for enhancing payments.

Stay Closer to Your Customer

Salesforce provides a high-level clients’ support with such options as case management via email, phone and social networks, a knowledge base with regularly updated content, and customer communities for self-help and cooperation. You may use the gathered data in social media for figuring out and prevention of the most spread issues and questions.

Zoho offers the following features for fast and qualitative customer service as a help desk, problem tickets, and knowledge base. Apart from that, you can route and escalate the problems by web-to-case forms and track the issues on the websites. One more useful option is synchronization of the specific client emails into cases.

Workflow as a Window into Company’s Collaboration

Salesforce enables you with the 360-degree customer view that gather all the critical lead and customer data in one place. The workflow optimizes and automates all the processes within the company. You can set up automatic alerts, tasks distribution and drive the deals through all the stages. Besides, every department or worker may create detailed reports.

Except for data centralization, Zoho offers the workflow for the automation of all business processes to your specific requirement and rules. You can route leads, tasks, cases and create alerts and notification that will be sent under specified conditions. With robust Zoho analytics, you may create various filters for broad reports and share them within different departments for enhancing collaboration and maximize the efficiency of the future campaign performance.

Approachable CRM Software

Salesforce provides you with the ability to allow access to certain data for specified profiles and groups. You can backup and restore your records. You can customize your cloud solution to make it more suitable for you. However, there is a limited ability for personalization, and it depends on the edition you use. Salesforce offers the mobile access to the data and enlarges the uptime of your teams.

Zoho takes care of the privacy and security of your company’s information. The solution allows a role-based access and data encryption for avoiding any hacker attacks. Apart from, that there is an option of scheduled records backup. The service is paid, but you can cancel this feature. Zoho, as well as Salesforce, provides the mobile access and flexible level of customization. The users with administrative authority may add or delete modules, layouts, sections, fields.


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CRM Migration: Step to Company’s Success

If you have already chosen CRM platform after Salesforce vs Zoho comparison, the next step is to find the efficient migration tool. You can take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay and benefit from the following features:

  • service guarantees to treat your information privately and securely and offers an opportunity to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • SaaS eliminates the interruptions of business processes and assures the uptime of the existing and future solutions during the data import.
  • automated solution enables you with a possibility to map the fields and users on your own in accordance to your business requirements.
  • Trujay offers you to run a free Demo Migration to explore the service in action and check the configuration and automation options of the new platform.

To Sum Up

As you can see, Salesforce and Zoho have an enormous amount of expertise in running business processes and service support. Salesforce offers you the features for the efficient and innovative sales while Zoho empowers you with a better administration and qualitative service. If you doubt between these platforms, you need to figure out the objectives of your business and features that can accomplish your goals. So, only you can eliminate Salesforce vs Zoho dilemma.

After Salesforce vs Zoho comparison,  it’s high time to decide which one you like more, and what to try in action.

Transfer a bit of your data into the chosen CRM and see how it will look like by running a Demo Migration.

Don't hesitate, import data to your perfect CRM right now!!

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