Small Business Trends: Bring Your Company to the Éclat

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Small Business Trends: Bring Your Company to the Éclat

SMBs these days are becoming key target audience and a challenge at the same time for the CRM market. Such companies are slow in adopting new technologies. Probably it is so because of the belief that tech innovations are more effective when implemented in large organizations with extensive budgets; in smaller ones, it just doesn’t make sense to spend money on this kind of stuff. However, various researchers prove the opposite - all small business trends include some tech novelties. That’s what we are going to talk about.

Here are top 3 small business trends that are going to rock in 2018.

#1 CRM is a necessity (oh yeah, even for SMB)

The adoption of the CRM system can be a time-consuming process, yet it is worth it. Once implemented, the software can enrich your business with the useful features it is providing.

The research says, that growing SMBs are two times more likely using the CRM than declining ones. The non-CRM users are more likely to:

  • Report stagnant growth
  • Fail to track customer info

Nowadays, 1 in 3 small businesses are currently using a CRM solution, and this tendency is constantly becoming more popular.

#2 Connected data is everything

It is a fact, that operating efficiently with the customers is the key to the company’s success. 55% of business owners say that insufficient time affects negatively their performance. So, the less time you spend on everyday routine the more your company benefits from this. The data that you can easily find in one place can:

  • save your time (and time is money)
  • provide you with a unified view of your organization
  • help you to see more clearly where is it moving
  • and to define the long-term strategy.

You can benefit from the following technologies that allow you to connect your data:

  • Sales automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Integrated helpdesk apps

#3 Artificial Intelligence is on top

Growing SMBs are focusing on bringing the personalized experience to each of their customers and seek for the ways to do it more efficiently. It is true, that SMBs’ clients are expecting a more personal approach from SMB than from large companies. Among the top 3 values they care about there are:

  • Consistent experience
  • Treatment as a valued customer
  • And personalized care

52% of customers are likely to switch brands if don’t obtain personalized communications (e.g. letters).

And that is a fact that growing SMBs two times are more likely using AI that the declining ones.

Check out some features that AI can bring in to your business:

  • 85% automated email send-time for marketing
  • 81% predictive forecasting for sales
  • 81% automated responses to basic client support questions
  • And many more

More info and statistics on the small business trends you can find in the infographics provided below:

small business trends infogr

If you are looking for a suitable solution for your small business or want to move from an old CRM to a new one, take an advantage from Trujay service. The tool can migrate your data in a fully automated way so you can save your time and efforts. For more info on small business trends or something else, contact our CRM expert.

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