Streamline Your Sales Appointments with Scheduling Tips

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Streamline Your Sales Appointments with Scheduling Tips

Being a salesperson is not the easy meat at all. You always feel stressed during the discussions with the customers by trying to satisfy their needs as well as please them with a reasonable price. Plus, you have to be highly charismatic and tactful. It is hard to count all the nuances. However, there are several tips and useful techniques that can help you to increase the sales and competently present your company to the potential customers.

Plan the conversation

Before making an awaited call, it is better to start with some sketches of the product or service presentation. You should prepare an outline for the introduction to close, so you don’t miss any critical moments. Also, you have to create a script to avoid any stumblings during the conversation as well as save the time of your precious customer. Furthermore, don’t forget to make some research understand more about your prospect so that they can feel graded approach.

Start with convincing introduction

Based on what you learned about your customers, start your conversation with compelling information about your product or service and try to kill the 3 biggest fears that your clients have to get them interested. Your prospects should understand from the beginning that you can help to solve their problems. Also, you have to sound confident, but not too pushy.

Inquire the qualifying questions

As a salesperson, you should always put the resolvent of the clients’ problems and the satisfaction of their needs to the highest priorities. So, after the introduction, you have to start asking questions that can uncover the prospect’s demands and issues. At this point, you will get an opportunity to understand whether your candidate can become a potential customer in the future.

Make the confirmations

Before finalizing a call, repeat all the information to your potential customers -  the date, time, and location of the meeting.  Also, send all the details via email as well as make sure the prospect will put you on the calendar, so you can shoot a request through email, if applicable.

Follow-up previously

Make a phone call 2 or 3 days before the appointment and confirm that there are no changes. Find out if the customer knows how to get to the right place and assure the person doesn’t have any questions.

So, to ease your product presentation, there are some automated applications that can help you save time as well as simplify the scheduling process. 


Let’s start with Calendly. It is a programming tool that lets you set and customize reminders, cancellation notices, as well as confirmation emails. You can easily sync to the calendar of choice, e.g. Google Calendar, figure out your availability preferences or share links. Also, your customers can choose a free slot that fits them too.

The software offers a free plan and the paid versions for $8 per month annually or $10 monthly. The last one allows you to create automated alerts, customizable notifications as well as brand your pages and emails.


Doodle is a survey type tool that allows customers to mark boxes to see the availability for the meeting and polling the users for the best mutual time to connect. The solution integrates with many calendars and excludes the need for switching between them.

The basic Doodle account is free, but there is also a Private option for $39 per year and Business plan for bigger teams for $49 per year. is a personal scheduling helper that completely transforms the process of planning a meeting for you and your prospect. The platform continuously monitors your availability as well as checking it with the customer to find a standard time. The solution automatically determines and converts the person’s time zone to eliminate the confusion. The service remembers your appointment places so that you can schedule the meetings in the seconds. 


Acuity Scheduling became a feature-rich and versatile program with a clean interface and powerful calendaring tools. The software is an excellent choice for small businesses that can easily create group appointments and manage time differences. Acuity supports two-way Google Calendar sync and real-time availability for you as well as your customers.

You might think that the solution gets too expensive, but all the versions have grown to a complete program and includes better integrations. So, the software has a free subscription and 3 paid ones:

  • Emerging Entrepreneur: $10 per month
  • Growing Business: $19 per month
  • Powerhouse Player: $34 per month


UberConference shows you the summary right away after the call, automatically emails you report with call recording, contact info, as well as a time log. So, you can easily connect with all potential customers at the particular date and time or share screens, presentations, documents during a call. Also, it works with Assistant.To, where recipients may explore available times for the conference.

The solution is free for up to 10 users and offers a business plans for $10 per month per month billed annually or $15 month to month for up to 100 users.

Generally, a structured appointment scheduling system can go a long way toward improving revenue and increasing customer satisfaction. So, if you remember to use strong sales skills, confidence, and patience as well as utilize all the tips above into your working process, your sales appointments scheduling will be smooth and fruitful.

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