SugarCRM to PipelineDeals Migration: Why? When? How?

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SugarCRM to PipelineDeals Migration: Why? When? How?

Working in today’s fast-growing business world is becoming more and more complicated, overwhelming and confusing. But modern IT innovations are on their way to help the companies, and CRM solution is not an exception. It is a way out for managing all your relationships and interactions with customers, keeping track of their information and organize all process areas within your business.

These days you may feel a need for the sharp intake of breath for their CRM platform. You understand that your solution turns to be an old instrument, the cumbersome on-premise version with pure customer segmentation and reporting system. Added to everything else, you require deeper customization, stronger functionality, better system performance speed and flexibility of the process. If you recognize some of these urgent problems in your business, then it’s a green light to move forward and change CRM.

CRM Migration. How to know when you are ready?

Coming closer to the migration tasks, in order not to fail at the end, every important decision requires thorough preparation. Before migrating from SugarCRM to Pipelinedeals, you should consider the following:

  • test PipelineDeals using a free trial for 14 days of unlimited use to evaluate the functionality as well, as new features and tool
  • eliminate the obsolete data and arrange records into categories: customers, leads, prospects, buying history and reporting records
  • prepare a backup plan to be sure not to lose any information

So, if you take a few steps of preparation into consideration, it will definitely ease your process and prevent from critical document damage.

Move from SugarCRM to PipelineDeals With Several Clicks

After you are certain about the readiness, it’s a good time to proceed with the migration. Using Trujay is a great option for those who want to make a process quick and accurate.

Let’s walk through the steps of switching from SugarCRM to PipelineDeals:

Step 1. Go to and sign in. Provide your name, email, password, and phone number.



Step 2. Specify your source CRM (SugarCRM), URL, email, and password.

Step 3. Define the target platform (PipelineDeals) and your API key.

Step 4. Choose CRM modules you want to move to PipelineDeals and start your free demo transfer to make sure the service functions properly.It will migrate limited amount of records from each module you select together with relations between them. You can also choose a deduplication option to eliminate all the dupes and outdated information.

Also, you can request a custom Demo Migration. Our techs can help you to migrate with all your requirements and wishes and simplify the process.

Step 5. Check the demo results and if you satisfied, start your full SugarCRM to PipelineDeals transfer.

Actions Afterwards

When the migration is completed, you have to focus on system adaptation and elaboration. So, there are few things you have to look to prepare your platform to use:

  • check if the records you have chosen for your new CRM migrated successfully and  in the right fields
  • verify whether all the items have proper relations among them
  • set up personalized workflow rules that help you to organize the work and monitor performance of the whole company as well as of a separate unit
  • fix up specific filters for your analytics
  • organize all your mail in one box. There is also an additional third-party integration for better document sharing, billing, and invoicing abilities
  • make sure your employees acquainted with basic manuals of the new system and ready to perform their tasks.

Are you ready to set up your migration process? It is not going to take much time if you take all our information above into consideration. Follow step-by-step instructions for preparation, CRM switch, post-migration tips, and you can start running your business immediately, gaining new opportunities. Don’t waste your time, try free demo migration from SugarCRM to PipelineDeals right now!


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