Your Calm and Safe Odoo to Salesforce Import

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Your Calm and Safe Odoo to Salesforce Import

The business world is not a constant environment. It changes and improves itself all the time, and dictates new game rules.


It is essential to track all the tends and follow them. Also, you should remember about all the needs of your company, and hold a hand on the pulse if your CRM system can still satisfy them. In case the business has overgrown the possibilities of your platform, it is time to look for a new solution. That is, Odoo to Salesforce import may become your way out.


Odoo vs Salesforce: Compare and Feel the Difference


Odoo CRM is a cloud-based open-source CRM system that can satisfy the company's needs regardless of its size. The solution includes such features as lead and marketing management, sales automation, and business reporting.



Also, the software has a wide range of functionality and provides its users with the possibility of social media integration to generate leads from social media like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.







The Odoo cost depends on both the number of users and the set of chosen functionals.



You may use the platform as a standalone CRM for $15 user/month (billed annually).



Also, it is possible to buy extra features or integration for the additional fee.



Well, let’s take a look at another competitor and make sure that Odoo to Salesforce import is your way to go.





Salesforce is a leading CRM solution when it comes to the number of its users all over the world and holds the gold medal in the CRM marketplace. It is widely used across a wide range of industries and company sizes, even the largest enterprises, from healthcare to retail and finance.



Salesforce is the best-known cloud solution for its possibilities to improve sales, communities, customer relationships, service, analytics, and marketing. The platform also is famous for its interaction through the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence.



The major edge that Salesforce offers its users is access to the massive App marketplace. That makes data migration with the help of third-party solutions like Trujay, an official Salesforce partner, relatively painless.



Today, with launched in May 2018 General Data Protection Regulation, businesses may find Salesforce’s offerings that allow auditing and configuration tools and assist the compliance with the GDPR, expressly compelling.




Cost matter



To be fair, Salesforce isn't a budget CRM solution, so the business owner has to determine if it is possible to seize Salesforce without breaking the bank.



Salesforce offers various pricing to choose from, but bills annually.



Take an overview of the cost of cloud edition:





Salesforce CRM and Lightning Essentials entry-level is suitable for small businesses. For that cost, the solution offers an opportunity to buy into the Salesforce ecosystem without extensive upfront costs. Also, the users limit forces you to plan the upgrade to an improved level at more cost, if your company is growing.



  • Lightning Professional $ 75 USD/user/month (billed annually) - Complete CRM for any size team.



This edition is the least paid Salesforce CRM level that includes an unlimited number of users. Lightning Professional includes most of the Essential’s options (except Einstein Activity capture and inbox mobile app) plus in-depth lead management and advanced marketing tools, like mass mailing and the ability to manage campaigns.



  • Lightning Enterprise $ 150 USD/user/month (billed annually) - most popular and Deeply customizable sales CRM for your business.



It is a significantly more expensive edition, but the advanced customization options make it a great fit for companies with extremely specific needs. Unlike lower tiers, this pricing model offers users full access to all Salesforce's features as well as extensive roles and permissions, record types, processes, profiles and page layouts, and one partial sandbox for lightweight developer testing.



  • Lightning Unlimited $ 300 USD/user/month (billed annually) - Unlimited CRM power and support



The perfect solution for highly tech-oriented businesses with far-reaching dev needs. Lightning Unlimited offers all the same options as Lightning Enterprise and access to developer sandbox/pro-sandbox. Salesforce grants admission to 24/7 toll-free and developer support, Premier Success Resources, unlimited online training, access to accelerators, and configuration services. Any of the above-mentioned features are not available at the other subscription edition.


How to Provide Sleek  Odoo to Salesforce import



It is highly recommended taking advantage of automated data migration like Trujay.



It can help you to optimize and provide data transfer between more than 125 different CRM platforms including Odoo to Salesforce import automatically.



That is the way you will avoid time waste and possible human mistakes during the transfer.



The service can migrate your records quickly, smoothly, securely, and with no business operations delay.

All you have to do is follow-up this instruction and make a few mouse clicks.




Step 1. Register your account using Trujay's self-service wizard or sign in as Salesforce or social network user.





Step 2. Select your Odoo CRM from the drop-down and provide the required credentials. Specify Salesforce as your future platform and press the Authorise button. Fill out the email, password, and log in.


Step 3. Select CRM records you want to transit to Salesforce, map the required fields and set up a free Demo Migration.

Step 4. In case the test outcomes fit your business demands, proceed Odoo to Salesforce import.


In another case, contact with Trujay experts and get useful insights.

Post Migration Check-Out

Take several steps after the Odoo to Salesforce import for better implementation:

  • Check out if you set up the right mapping, and the modules are moved to the right fields
  • Take a look if all the connections between records are preserved
  • Provide the CRM training and tutorial for your team
  • In case of any post-migration disorder, contact Trujay experts for getting the support.

Final Slice



If you are still looking for a solution that has a wide range of functionality, such a powerful platform as Salesforce is a way to go.



Now, it is high time to make your decision.



Start Free Demo migration, transfer to Salesforce limited amount of your data and launch Odoo to Salesforce import right away!

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