Can I change the fields mapping after the Demo Migration is complete?

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If you want to modify the fields mapping after the test data import, you should complete the following steps:

1. Visit your list of migrations at, choose the required transition and press “Go to Wizard.” 


2. You will be redirected to the migration wizard. At the 2nd step of the data import, you can click on “View or change field mapping” and set the mapping in accordance with the business needs.

change the fileds mapping

3. Then, choose the required modules and set up the mapping by 1) pressing “Change Value” button; 2) choosing the appropriate field from a drop-down list; 3) pressing "Apply" button; 4) make sure to click on “Save Mapping” after that.

Mapp change

In case, if you want to make some changes in the Complex field, proceed with the following steps:

1) Press on the "Show ... complex mapping blocks" to open the drop-down list of the complex fields:

complex mapp change

2) Then, press the "Change Value" button near the field you want to change and then proceed with the same steps described above. And don't forget to press "Save Mapping" after making the changes.

complex field mapp 2

4. The final step is to run a transfer. So, press “Start Free Demo Migration” button.

change fields mapping


Note: Once you have launched a new Demo Migration again, the records of the previous data import would be updated.


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