(English) How to check out the results of Demo Migration to Insightly?

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When the Demo Migration from your previous CRM to Insightly is done, you should check out the results. Therefore, follow these steps to proceed the full Data import.

  1. Take a look at the results of your Demo Data Migration to Insightly and check out which modules are switched.
  2. Demo Migration

  3. The next step is to log in to both of your CRM platforms.
    1. In source CRM (here - Bitrix24) go to Companies
    2. In future CRM (Insightly) go to Organizations
    3. Find there the migrated items (e.g. 159753 with note(s) that belong (pinned) to it, etc.)

    Bitrix24 to Insightly

  4. To check out how did your tasks migrated:
    1. go to Tasks in Bitrix24
    2. go to Tasks in Insightly
    3. This is where you can find the switched task modules. So, now check out if they are similar in both platforms.
    4. Bitrix24 to Insightly task

  5. Take the same sequence action for the all interested modules.
  6. In case you want to try the custom Data Migration upon the Trujay provide, with no-default modules, no need deeper mapping, please fill in the request.

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