What is a Full Migration?

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After your Demo Migration is completed, you checked out the results and is satisfied with it, it's time to proceed with your data transfer by launching a Full Migration.


What should I know about the Full data migration?

To continue CRM migration click “Add Funds to Start Full Migration” button to get to the payment page. When a payment is made, the migration will start automatedly.


Can I change anything while the migration is running?

Once you started the Full migration, the best idea is to leave it and take a break while the service is migrating your data. Don’t modify or delete anything while the import is running. Any changes will affect the migration process.


Can I close the browser window after the migration has started?

Yes, you can. Both demo and full migrations are performed in the cloud, so there’s no need to keep your browser window open. It may take a while to complete the migration, depending on the amount of the records you’re moving and specifications of your CRMs. When the migration is complete, you’ll be notified via email.


What is Insurance?

The Migration Insurance provides you with an opportunity to start the same migration over with just a click. Besides, it helps you safeguard the CRM records from the unforeseen circumstances that may lead to an inaccurate data import. This may happen because:

  1. the business data got wrongly modified during the post-migration development;
  2. your desired CRM system was incorrectly installed;
  3. the data got corrupted by 3-rd party modules on your CRM.

To learn more, visit migration Insurance section.


What is Hire CRM expert option?

It is recommended to use “Hire CRM Expert” option, get additional support and other services after the migration is over.

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