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Trujay automated CRM migration service was launched in 2014 to allow users transporting data across different CRM applications fast, accurate and secure. In 2018 Trujay Group acquired Trujay to create a new company Trujay with own product line, Trujay. The combined forces are becoming the market leading ‘CRM data experts’, supporting customers needing seamless data flow among SaaS solutions. No special knowledge or programming skills are needed that makes the tool extremely friendly to all customers from newbies to VIPs. Trujay is an official partner of more than 10 CRM vendors including Salesforce, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Bitrix24, and others. It allows users to migrate CRM modules across more than 150 platforms using automated or custom mode.

Long Description

From time to time there’s a necessity to move your current CRM system to a more progressive (sophisticated) one to have a 360-degree view of every customer information and therefore to enable your business to increase productivity and efficiency.

You may transfer the business information manually by yourself spending tons of time and effort or avoid the headache and do it using 3-rd party service like Trujay.

Trujay (Trujay) is an IT company specializing in software development with a focus on CRM migration services, integration, and data enrichment. Our primary mission is to bring a unique CRM data migration service alongside with individual approach to each customer. The service proposes an automated tool for the customer's time-saving and effortless migration.
We develop and increase the service every day to ensure the independent existence of the company without attracting resources from the outside.
Since Trujay foundation time, we improve the service day-by-day and have some achievements that make the service unique:

  • we use 4 security layers. Also, we offer our clients to sign NDA. That makes our users be absolutely sure that their private information is in save
  • Trujay has numerous users all over the world: USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, and many other countries
  • we believe that each client's case is unique, that is why we do our best to always bring the exclusive customer experience and lead our customers through all the migration and post-migration process (if needed)
  • the service currently supports a transfer of above 50 data modules between 30 CRMs/CSV/Excel/Gsuite automatically or across 100+ platforms using custom mode

Executive Team

  • Darren Trumeter - CEO, Co-Founder
  • Ruslan Savchyshyn - Co-Founder
  • Ivan Karp - Managing Director
  • More details

Quick Facts

  • Home Page:
  • Headquarters:
    • Ternopil, Ukraine
    • Austin, Texas, USA
  • In Business Since: 2014
  • Number of Customers: growing fast
  • Target Market: business owners, enterprise vendors, marketing managers.
  • Status: Privately held

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Logo Trujay


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