When the Demo Migration to your new Capsule CRM has finished, please proceed with the following steps to check out the results:
1. Look at the results of Demo migration and check which modules migrated to the Capsule CRM:

Demo results

2. Then, log in to both of your CRM platforms.

2.1. In source CRM (here - Insightly) go to Organizations

2.2. In future CRM (Capsule) go to People&Organizations

So, there you will be able to find the migrated items (e.g. Bill Wall with note(s) that belong (pinned) to it, etc.):

Imported organizations

3. To check how your tasks migrated, go to Tasks in Insightly and to Calendar&Tasks in Capsule CRM. There you can find the transferred modules. So check if they are the same in both CRM systems:

Imported tasks

If you want to see how Trujay migrates custom data, no-default modules, or need deeper mapping, please fill in the request.

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