5 CRM Trends to Hunt for in 2017

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5 CRM Trends to Hunt for in 2017

The year is drawing to a close. We have already reviewed the best CRM systems of 2016, and it is time for trends and forecasts. Keeping track of CRM predictions is critical for companies that hope to apply successful business strategies in 2017.  

According to Gartner forecasts, CRM industry will expand at a 14.8 percent compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2017. It is about $36.5 billion in size, and up from $20.4 billion in 2013. With that in mind, let’s identify what CRM trends of 2017 will help hit these numbers:

Note: This article, about future CRM predictions, should be taken with a grain of salt. The essential goal of the piece is to provide the ideas and open a constructive discussion around the future CRM trends and capabilities.  

#1 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a taking human interaction to the new levels. This can be the underlying momentum for sales tools in CRM to increase lead quality and scoring significantly. For example: the smart chatbot software will ensure the first point of contact for clients. The technology will be intuitive and designed with the human-centric focus. The information gathered by the chatbots will be analyzed inside CRM to explore customer preferences, traffic trends, etc., faster and efficiently.

#2 Mobile CRM

Research by
Innoppl Technologies
indicated that 65% of sales managers who have adopted mobile CRM had achieved their sales quotas. While only 22% of reps using non-mobile platform, have reached the same targets. The future of mobile CRM is no longer about fitting the application into the smartphone or tablet screen and offline access

To really nail mobile CRM in 2017, the companies will need the entire mobile platforms and not just “extension apps”, that should be inextricably linked to the main CRM. These solutions will be fast, easy, and cost-effective for organizations to build the customer-focused mobile experience.

The experienced Salesforce architect, Fabrice Cathala agrees with the importance of mobile CRM and states:

“Mobile is a mature technology. So, its popularity will be driven by customer budgets and vendors innovation. It's a cacth-22 situation. All CRM implementation projects should be mobile first by now. Still, this is not the case and I believe that the reason for that is that we're measuring implementations ROI on the overall delivery rather than its parts. How much bottom-line value is adding a mobile capability to a CRM investment? We need more mobile success stories highlighting the part played by mobile in, say, adoption, cost savings, operational efficiency, etc…”

#3 Social CRM

According to the recent studies, 46% of customers use social media in their purchase decisions. In the upcoming year, the companies will increase a focus on the client’s experience regarding channels and devices used.  The future CRM will no longer offer optional social tracking features as upgrades or add-ons. These capabilities should be built into the core CRM packages to help you track and manage clients’ journeys more efficiently.  

#4 Integration Options

Integration has become one of the critical aspects of the CRM trends through years. Obtaining the ability to connect your CRM with social media, marketing automation, and other applications will be a central factor for users to consider. If CRM lacks the required integration options, the companies might be switching to the more advanced platforms to fit the specific business requirements.  

#5 Big Data and Predictive Analytics

While enterprise providers of big data analytics have been around for several years, the smaller predictive reporting players will start to pop up and provide the services. The tool is planning to become more effective and cheaper in the future. So, the companies can pinpoint the particular sales opportunities and determine how to move prospects through the funnel efficienly.

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Final Word

The possibility of building more intelligence, rich data, and new mobile experiences into CRM initiatives can help enhance your business processes and become more customer-centric in 2017.

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