Common CRM Issues + The Ways to Solve Out (Based on Survey)

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Common CRM Issues + The Ways to Solve Out (Based on Survey)

A successful CRM implementation is an interaction of the technology and people. However, there might be issues in the process that can cripple the platform’s effectiveness or ruin the effort altogether. So, because CRM is fundamental to the growth of the business as a whole, it is important knowing how to encounter the problems as well as to solve them.

Thus, according to ‘Key CRM Issues Research’ survey provided by Trujay, the most common headaches determined by CRM users can be grouped into three main areas:

Lack of Functionality

Not surprisingly, among the key criteria of CRM selection, 45% of our responders singled out the functionality and user-friendly interface. So, many businesses are struggling to find a solution that easily enables them to achieve all of their objectives. It became a problem within the industry because there are a number of systems on today’s market that offer only specific functions. That is why the company can suffer from lacking the important features, that may lead to:

Poor data quality. Among the main roots of dirty data, you may find incorrect information entry, various transpositions and typos, misspelling as well as deduplication of the records. As a result, the problems range from redundant mailing addresses to failed projects and bad corporate decisions based on the wrong info.

The Way Out: If you want to ensure that your existing information stays relevant, consider the following:

  • create the same set of rules and requirements of the data entering for all your employees
  • make sure your solution supports the deduplication option
  • use different filters or tags to monitor the sources of the coming information
  • audit data by asking your customers to verify their details regularly

Integration mishap. In order to satisfy the needs of the customers, the solution should be equipped with all main features that help to organize the whole business process from creating a lead to delivering a purchase. So, very often, to fully realize the value of the chosen platform you end up integrating with other applications that leads to additional costs.

The Way Out: So, you should examine the CRM market first and choose the platform that fits the needs of your organization in the most valuable means. Also, you can visit a CRM marketplace of applications and find a module that may be easily integrated with your system.

Cost Matter

One of the critical factors is the CRM price, so 35% users we polled agreed on that. Lately, many business owners prefer to switch to the different platform because their software became too expensive as the company expands to a certain number of sales, marketing, and customer service reps. Furthermore, because CRM can encompass so many parts of the business, it is easy to run up an unexpectedly large bill for setting up and optimizing a system.

Hence, with the variety of solutions on today’s market, there is no trouble to find the one that includes all the features your organization needs at the lower price. Furthermore, if a number of CRM users within your company is up to 10, you can easily save a lot of money by utilizing reasonably priced systems, such as Vtiger On-Premise, SuiteCRM, Zoho CRM, Bitrix24 or Highrise.

Employee’s Resistance for a Change

For an organization to succeed at operational and organizational change, the team must share a common vision and articulate a clear destination. However, sometimes getting to grips with a new system, particularly when the old one has been in place for a long time, may lead to the low employee-adoption rates. So, when we asked our CRM users if their teams come short of managing high-quality customer information, 20% of responders answered that the companies require more profound knowledge of CRM data organization.c

Ultimately, in essence of helping your staff to meet a change and get out of their comfort zone, you should consider the following suggestions:

  • Rollout the software implementation gradually to avoid overwhelming with information
  • Demonstrate their commitment as a role model of change
  • Provide compelling justification for why new adjustments are happening
  • Communicate a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the change
  • Arrange sufficient resources, projects, and trainings
  • Conduct frequent audits to consistently assess their results against expectations

So, to reap the benefits of innovative technology, you should emphasize the users on how to establish throughout the organization a shared understanding of the switch importance.

All in all, our survey helped us to research the main issues of CRM administration and organization as well as to provide you with the practical solutions for your business renovation. Lead management, social media integration, email marketing campaigns, ease of customization are the most important characteristics to build successful company-customer bridges.

P.S. In case you have experienced the issues above with your current CRM system, you can easily transfer your data to another platform by using an automated migration  Trujay. The service provides completely hands-off switching process which doesn’t require any coding skills and programming experience. Don’t wait up! Start a free demo migration right now to see how the online converter works in action!

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