CRM Digest: Inspiring May Posts Review

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CRM Digest: Inspiring May Posts Review

We got used to the world of constant changes, innovations and updates, so it is getting harder and harder to impress an average customer. To be honest, this notion becomes redundant as every organization incorporates inbound, a personalized strategy using CRM technology. So, the latest trends of the effective, client-centric business running in this CRM digest.

#1 Big Data and ROI: What is the Connection?

Currently, there is a lot of buzz about the great efficiency and almost immediate profitability. The first featured article of our CRM digest deals with the Big Data misconceptions. But are the numerous success stories about raising ROI true? Martyn Jones in his post ‘The Amazing ROI of Big Data’ at LinkedIn provides a critical review of this cultivated myth.

#2 Tips to Succeeding with Data

For getting on the one page with customers, companies need to keep the pace with innovations. Thus, how to plan your IT expenses within the client-centered and data-driven processes? Gunnar Menzel in his post ‘Next Generation Data Center Strategy - Balancing Conflicting Drivers’ at LinkedIn suggests several lifehacks for successful modeling and implementing into business performance.

#3 Marketing Role in Improving Customer Connections

The business world faces the transformation of the performance paradigm. What does it specifically mean for marketing? Modern marketers should be flexible, focused on the objective with the goals prioritization. Besides, the increased number of communication channels requires fast and effective decisions. In the middle of CRM digest, you will find ‘The Six Pillar Principles of Agile Marketing’ by James Norwood. In this post at, the author offers a practical set of tips to proceeding with the customer communication.

#4 Coherence of B2B, CRM And Business Analytics

The notions of B2B, CRM and analytics, are different, but at the same time closely connected with the efficient performance with the constant revenue growth and KPI. David Gillman in his post ‘CRM Analytics Helps to Manage Vendor Relationships, Too’ at InsideCRM blog takes a deep insight into the effectiveness of CRM analytics for establishing long-lasting B2B relationships.

#5 Customer vs. Employee: Who is More Valuable?

The last but not least featured article of our CRM digest dwells on the customer service and company employees. They say ‘The customer is always right’, but what if he or she doesn’t? Do you need to appreciate the abusive and disrespectful clients that discredit your teamwork? Check out Shep Hyken's post ‘Some Customers Aren’t Worth Doing Business With’ at Linkedin and figure out the expert view on this issue. The profitable and growing business includes the wise planning, data-driven decision-making processes, as well as analysis of mistakes and evaluation of your team. 

This brief overview of the most interesting posts aims to keep you aware of the current tendencies. But if you want to get deeper insights and workable pieces of advice, subscribe to Trujay weekly newsletter right away.

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