Moving from Zoho to SugarCRM: Is It Worth the Trouble?

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Moving from Zoho to SugarCRM: Is It Worth the Trouble?

In the world of sales and service, there is no “minute” or “unimportant” stuff. One small detail can be a defining factor in the success of your business and project more customers, sales and revenue. Therefore, using a CRM system is an important step ahead for the company, since if means serious time saving and efficiency increase. However, the choice of the most suitable CRM is far from being easy, as you’ve got to decide on the functionality, flexibility, user-friendliness, features and costs that would make the perfect combination for your enterprise.

Zoho is a SaaS customer relation management system targeted at SMBs (small and medium businesses), which is reasonably priced and presents the key features of effective sales, marketing and customer service.

However, as your business gets more extensive and new growth opportunities open, this CRM may become not quite what you need. There are areas which make it not the best fit for big companies – like 10 currencies limit, forecast module lacking functionality, etc. So, as these issues arise, you might well start considering changing your CRM software. Which of the numerous competitors would make the ultimate substitution? Let’s take a look at SugarCRM as the viable candidate for your new CRM. This CRM was “born” in 2004, and is now one of the TOP 10 customer relationship management systems out there. It features unparalleled flexibility.

Let’s see the advantages you will get if you migrate from Zoho to SugarCRM.

1. Unlike Zoho, which is a SaaS, Sugar is available both on-demand (cloud) or on-premises (installed). Moreover, there’s an opportunity to choose between clouds like Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, etc or even change them.

2. SugarCRM is open source, which means vast customization opportunities, that help fits your software to your company needs to the fullest.

3. Being open source, SugarCRM has won dedication from lots of talented developers and boasts one of the biggest communities between other similar systems. This encourages fast development and many additional tools that are developed and ready to integrate with your system.

4. For developers, the free Community Edition is the way to get to know this system better and see it in action.

5. Thanks to Sugar’s intuitive interface and overall ease of use, it won’t be hard for you to get the hang of this CRM in a short time.

Well, now you see your options and if you’re interested – just set up the free demo migration to see how Trujay will handle your data migration from Zoho to SugarCRM easily and in a few clicks.  So, are you ready to meet your new CRM?

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