Noted Guide for Smooth Zoho to Bitrix24 Data Migration [Tutorial]

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Noted Guide for Smooth Zoho to Bitrix24 Data Migration [Tutorial]

CRM solutions are emerging as the newest resource for competitive advantage in the constantly changed and digitalized world. The cloud platforms such as Zoho, Bitrix24, and others gain more popularity with the extended abilities for advancing baseline processes and improving the way companies build their relationships with customers. Apart from opportunities, vendors pay great attention to the price of CRM system. Zoho and Bitrix24 are quite affordable and full-featured SaaS. Thus, businesses find that the data transfer from Zoho to Bitrix24 may open new horizons for their performance. Besides, Bitrix24 provides a free plan for 12 users what is the outstanding ability for startups and SMBs.

Pre-Migration Arrangements: Getting Ready for A Change

The process of CRM data transfer has a number of hidden blunders and can be successful without initial preparations. So, if you came up with a firm decision to switch from Zoho to Bitrix24, you should start with database cleansing, employee training, and new roles distribution.

  • It is of vital importance to put your database in order. First of all, collect all your storages and check your records for duplicates. The complete replicas are better to be deleted and half copies may be merged. Then look for the common mistakes in semantics, zip codes, addresses, etc. and draw up a set of rules that will help to reduce such mistakes in future. Make sure you have backup your records for loss or damage preventing.
  • The new CRM has a different functions and its tools vary from your existing solution. That’s why the training for different user roles is so essential for adoption and effective usage. Moreover, you should select the department that will be responsible for the CRM and delegate the administrator duties among the workers that got more profound training course.

Practical Instruction for Zoho to Bitrix24 Data Transfer

Data migration to your desired CRM may be accomplished in a direct and automated mode with Trujay. Using this service, you will avoid any side influences on the process, preserve the full uptime of your Zoho and complete your records transfer in absolutely accurate manner. The process requires only several steps to take

Step 1. Visit Bitrix24 application directory and install Trujay plugin on your Bitrix account.




Specify your Bitrix24 URL in the corresponding field.





Step 2. Provide your Zoho email and a password
Step 3. Select Bitrix24 CRM from the drop-down menu


Step 4. Select CRM modules for a switch (accounts, contacts, leads, tasks and opportunities) and set up a free demo migration to see the service in action.


Step 5.

If you are satisfied with the demo results, launch your full Zoho to Bitrix24 data transfer.



Data migration is a complex process that requires time and efforts. In fact, you will accomplish it successfully with this practical tips. So, don’t wait up and set up a free demo right away!


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