ProsperWorks Data Migration: Design Your Business Enhancement

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ProsperWorks Data Migration: Design Your Business Enhancement

The business world is growing and becoming more competitive, as well as the customers’ demands are scaling up. Consequently, CRM systems are constantly improving the capabilities and tools to fit the clietns’ requirements for the organizations of any shapes and sizes. The solution like ProsperWorks hold abreast of the latest development and keep up with the times. Let’s investigate the main features of the platform and find out the essential steps of the ProsperWorks data migration.

ProsperWorks CRM Review: Functionality Options to Consider

Somewhere along the way, some CRM platforms became complicated to use.  With a focus on design, usability, and integration with Google's G Suite, ProsperWorks was created to provide you with the seamless experience that puts email at the core of the business processes. To be more specific, consider the following capabilities:

  • efficient 2-way Gmail integration: view your clients and activities of your employees directly within Gmail (contact data, notes, tasks, etc.);

  • automatic data population: take advantage of the platform that pulls the information from the internet and emails. As a result, the contact profiles are automatically filled out the information and files.

  • pipeline management: gain an overview of your future opportunities through a visual pipeline with customizable stages, filters, and data fields.

  • interaction tracking: record emails, calendar events, and call history of calls made using Google Hangouts into the system automatically. Use the interactions to get new contacts.

  • smart alerts and reminders: receive the notifications when deals are forgotten,  follow-ups are overdue and activities occur in integrated apps.

  • customization functionality: use the robust custom filters to drill into information. You can easily customize columns, data types, pipeline stages, etc. to fit your business requirements.

  • more than 300 integrations: MailChimp, Evernote, Wufoo,  Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Basecamp, and other adds-on.

Price Matter

Regarding the costs, ProsPerWorks includes 3 paid auditions:

  • Basic - $19/user/month/billed annually for teams up to 5 users;
  • Professional - $49/user/month/billed annually for CRM for growing businesses;
  • Business - $119/user/month/billed annually for any size organizations.  

As you can see, ProsperWorks is a compelling platform with the effective features like automated actions, auto-logging notes, robust reporting, various integration options. Therefore, if you want to perform ProsperWorks data migration from CSV files or current CRM, consider an automated migration service Trujay. With its user-friendly interface, you will be able to complete the switch in the several steps The SaaS can simplify the transfer with the help of the following functionality options:

  • service treats the data privately and offers you a possibility to sign Non-Disclosure agreement;

  • fields and users mapping to fit your company needs and have total control of the modules mapping;

  • free Demo Migration to explore the tool in action, as well as discover the ProsperWorks features and configurations;

  • total uptime of the existing and destination platform, so no disruption of the business processes;

  • Migration Insurance in case you want to make some changes in the mapping and run the migration over.  

Final Thoughts

Efficient ProsperWorks is built to be a platform recommended for G Suite and is often called G Suite CRM. The solution attracts the companies to enhance your business processes and increase the team performance. So, take all the above-mentioned hacks into consideration, use Trujay and run ProsperWorks data migration smoothly.  

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