Social CRM: Recognizing the Benefits for Your Business

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Social CRM: Recognizing the Benefits for Your Business

The rapid adoption of social networks dramatically has increased the development of social CRM. The solution refers to the use of the social media technology and techniques to engage a company’s client base. It is a customer-centric approach to delivering service or product support, raise brand awareness, and improve sales and marketing activities.

An important peculiarity of social CRM systems is that they make it possible for organizations to keep in touch with their clients via social networks. This helps the companies more clearly understand the clientіs’ needs and deliver the superior customer service. So far, many businesses have migrated to social platforms to improve the lead generation procedure, business processes and increase conversion rates. Let’s investigate how social CRM can enhance your company's success and help you grow in profitability.

Social Media Influence on CRM

In today’s world of constant changes, it is hard to distinguish the hype around social media from the value it can bring. Before digging deeper in the main benefits of social CRM, the platform obtains the primary 3 aspects for you to consider:

  • Engagement - Gain the leads on social media directly from the CRM.

  • Customer Service - Respond to the prospects issues and questions in real-time.

  • Social Selling -  Qualify the leads based on the social media information and behaviors.

Thanks to the influence of social media, CRM is more conversation-driven, rather than sales-driven. The social CRMs shifted its focus for active collaboration and a quicker resolution time compared to more traditional models. Take a look at an infographic from  GrowMap that shows the transformation of CRM system and how departments delegate job functions in the social platforms.

As you can see, jumping on board of social media can help you evolve with current trends and find new ways of interacting with clients. Furthermore, you will be able to put the customer first and provide the offer in accordance to the prospects needs. It is a basis of building long-term and loyal relationships with customers.

3 Major Advantages of Social CRM

A social СRM differs from a traditional one in some aspects. That’s why using this platform enables you with the following advantages:

#1 Process Enhancement

You can centralize the efforts through all the forms of prospects outreach (phone, email, chat, or social networks). This way, you can achieve consistency and become more efficient.

#2 Internal Collaboration

CRM lets all employees stay on the same page and provides the opportunity to view updates from any device. This eliminates any possible confusion and improves inter staff communication, be the employees located in one office or scattered all over the world.

#3 Importance of Interactions

Social CRM enables businesses to fully comprehend client’s needs and exceed their expectations by improving the provided products and services accordingly. You may accomplish this by monitoring the customer sentiment and feedback, and interact with your brand even if the customers are not directly tagged you.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, the companies require obtaining a social media plan to survive in the highly competitive business world. Go social and boost your customer retention and renewal rates.

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