Zoho to Highrise: Work Out Smooth CRM Switch [Tutorial]

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Zoho to Highrise: Work Out Smooth CRM Switch [Tutorial]

Zoho to Highrise: Work Out Smooth CRM Switch


The issue of the primary business needs is quite dubious. Some companies require tools for processes facilitation, others look for options for establishing customer relationships. Yet, CRM solutions may easily comply and fulfill both types of requirements.



CRM and Business Strategy


Every company has unique objectives and views of its development, as well as needs specific approaches for accomplishing goalposts and milestones. So, the selection of CRM solution should consist of paying attention to the features and functionality equally to the defining options suitable for a drawn up strategy. CRM vendors offer various editions of their platforms with the aim to meet the budget of targeted users, as well as enable the suitable functionality. Zoho and Highrise are the solutions that provide practical toolsets with attractive pricing.



Zoho vs Highrise: Aligning Properly with Company Objectives


The cloud branch of the CRM industry has a range of various useful and practical alternatives. Zoho and Highrise represent the most budget-friendly and effective solutions. These two differ in functionality but aid in successful and prolific customer-facing processes accomplishment, as well as data management. However, many businesses switch from Zoho to Highrise. Usually, the following aspects play for Highrise preference:


    • easy-to-use functionality without numerous dashboards and extra customization needs
    • effective data management that provides a holistic view of customer information, as well as company processes
    • option for tasks distribution among the staff for the workflow ease
    • the solution also enhances project running with the transaction monitoring, files attachment and ability to add comments



Managing Complex Process of Data Transfer


The switching procedure is a part of a business strategy that requires arrangements and preparations. So, if you want to run a successful Zoho to Highrise data transfer, you should refine your database and backup it for file damage prevention. Also, pay attention to employee training and getting an easy ride with the new functionality. Concerning data transfer, you can use an automated service Trujay and save your time, budget, and efforts. The SaaS offers direct and accurate migration within several hours with full uptime of the current system.


Handy Manuals for An Automated Zoho to Highrise Migration


Step 1. Visit app.trujay.com and register an account.




Step 2. Provide your Zoho login and a password.

Step 3. Define your Highrise URL and API token.

zoho to highrise


Step 4. Select CRM entities you want to switch (account, contacts, tasks, and opportunities). Launch a free demo. The service will switch a limited amount of records from each specified module during this process.



Step 5.   In case, you are satisfied with the demo results, you may start your full Zoho to Highrise migration.


zoho to highrise

Definitely, data transfer is a lasting process with lots of potential blunders. However, you can overcome them with the automated service, so run a free Demo Migration to see how it works.


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