Service Level Agreement

This document serves as a set of guidelines to inform decision making within Trujay service as well as a tutorial for community members to better understand the support services. The document is limited in scope since it sets official policy for providing help through the Support. By setting down these policies and requests we hope to provide you with better support and service, have an accurate profile of user needs, and demonstrate the appropriate level of staff needed to handle the volume of issues.
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Who Is Covered Under This Agreement

This agreement is intended to cover Trujay service, including:

  • Service Management
  • Support Department
  • Technical Department

Methods of Contact

You can contact our Support by sending email to or simply drop your quote to the live chat.

Hours of Operation

Our Support Team is there to help you via phone, Live Chat and Email 24/7.

Response Period

The guaranteed email response period is 24 hours (business days) but you won't have to wait if using live chat. Otherwise, you are free to schedule a call for any suitable time.

Responsibilities of Those Making a Request

Users should explore help that is readily available at Trujay website before contacting the Support. For example, look for an answer in the knowledge base section.

If you still can't find an answer, contact our support via email/chat/call and provide the following information:

  • A right e-mail address that was used as your Trujay account login. Notice. If you/your ISP use any spam protection, make sure you added and to the contact white list.
  • Migration details
  • Clarify and specify the issue or request, including information regarding any error messages you may have received

NOTE: If one of the points mentioned above is not met, Support will contact you up to 3 times to clarify the issue. Trujay reserves the right to completely stop the support if the issuer uses abusive language or statements.

Conditions of CRM Access Details

When the migration of your CRM is already performed, we highly recommend you to restrict your current access details, change or block them. This should be done after 15 days time in terms of an average automated migration.

Note that Trujay complies with GDPR regulations, more info on this you can find on our Trujay and GDPR Regulations page.

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