How to check out the results of Demo Migration to Insightly?

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When the Sample  Migration to your new Insightly CRM has finished, please proceed with the following steps to check out the results:


  1. Look at the results of Sample migration and check which modules migrated to the Insightly CRM:

Download the list of migration records, and also mapping reports like on the screenshot above, open up both files.


  1. Then, log in to both of your CRM platforms.


  1. In the list of migrated records, please choose a handful of records to review. Open each one in both the source and the target, compare the target record for accuracy, and let us know if any changes need to be made.  If you chose to migrate activities, emails, or notes - you`ll find them assigned to corresponding accounts or contacts. 


Note: You may see that some of these related records are missing because we migrate a % of the records and not all related records.


  1. When checking the migrated record, please refer to the mapping report page for this object. Say, you are checking migrated contact - then go to mapping report and find Contacts fields mapping page: 

Make sure that source CRM contacts field values have been migrated into the corresponding contacts in target CRM according to the mapping.


If you want to check how your custom data, custom objects are migrated or need a deeper mapping approach, please fill in the request.

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