What are complex fields and how do I map them?

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In the Trujay system, a complex field is defined as one field containing multiple fields of the same information type inside an object. As an example, the “phone number” complex field may include multiple fields such as home phone number, work phone number, and mobile phone number.

To map complex fields, in the object mapping stage you need to match the fields inside of each complex field. See how a matched complex field appears on the mapping page within our tool along with each field type below.

Trujay maps complex fields by:

  • Checking for all available fields of the same information type in source CRM and matching them to their corresponding fields in the target CRM.
  • In the case of a lack of fields to match in target CRM, creating a prioritized list of source CRM fields to migrate into existing single field in the target CRM as shown below. 

Note: Field priority can be changed and re-ordered to your preference. To change a field’s priority, click on the arrows next to the desired field as seen here to move your field up or down on the mapping list:

If you prefer to preserve all your field values from the custom fields in your source CRM, you will need to create custom fields in the corresponding object within your target CRM in order to properly match and migrate all your field values.

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