What is CRM Migration Insurance?

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Migration insurance helps keep your data protected from potential distortions that may occur during the data transfer. Although it is unlikely, everything in technology crashes, so you might as well make sure you’re insured for any problems that might come up. Migration insurance helps to avoid any inaccuracies in your data import as well. By using insurance, you’ll be equipped and prepared for any erroneous or faulty technological mishaps.

Benefits of Insurance:

  • Data protection and safety net
  • Start an existing project over without the need to get in touch or create a new transaction
  • Make necessary changes to your preferences
  • Save time and money

Things that could go wrong:

  • Data was wrongly modified during post-migration development
  • Your desired CRM system was incorrectly installed
  • The data got corrupted by a 3rd party module in your CRM

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