How to check out Sample Migration results?

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Once your sample migration is complete, you will be redirected to the following wizard page: 

sample complete

If you click the first button, you'll download the list of migrated records. This file will be a list of links to corresponding migrated records in your source and target CRMs and will look something like the file shown below.



If you click the second button, you'll download the mapping report, that will show how your objects fields, dropdown values, and users were mapped and will help you to verify sample results.


In your file, column A will show the objects related to your migrated records, column B will contain source CRM links of the records, and column C will list their corresponding target CRM links.


Note: Some objects are not accessible within CRMs through URL, you may need to search for certain objects using the parent migrated records (company/account, contact, or opportunity/deal).


Using the links in your file, open the corresponding up to 5 the most parent records in your source and target CRMs (for example, accounts), and check how each field is mapped based on the mapping report. 


Please, also compare if the record has all corresponding relation to the other objects records like it was in source CRM (if these objects are selected for migration).


If you selected activities for migration (tasks, calls, meetings, notes, emails) - please, check if they are related to the record like on source CRM. 


Note, that sample migration is a small percentage of your source CRM data, so it might not always bring ALL related records. 


Once you find your sample migration results to be satisfactory, you are ready to move on to full migration. 


If you aren’t sure about your sample migration results or you are in need of a more customized sample migration, we can help! Schedule a meeting with one of our data experts here


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