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  1. Log into your current (source) and future (target) CRMs by entering the required credentials or pressing the ‘Connect’ button if OAuth is available. Click the ‘Test Connection’ after each login.

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Note. If both platforms are supported for automated migration, you will see the ‘Free Sample Migration’ button so you can launch import right away. But first, we will ask you to provide an email to send the results there.

If the selected platform can be transferred using custom migration only, we won’t ask you to log in yet will redirect you to the service package pricing page.

  1. Evaluate the results you received, and if you are satisfied, choose a suitable insurance plan and complete your migration.

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If something went wrong and you are not satisfied with the results of the sample migration, click the “Change Fields Mapping” button. Ensure that you’ve matched all CRM Users, the records to be migrated and that you’ve mapped all data fields and set up needed relationships. 

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Contact our experts for more information.

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