What is an unrestricted drop-down field option?

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Unrestricted drop-down fields are fields that may be found in some CRMs in which you can insert new values to the drop-down field instead of using the initial set values for that field in your target CRM.

For example, your target CRM has a field named “Type” within the “Companies” object that contains a set of drop-down values. When creating a company record, you are able to input a unique value for the “Type” field instead of selecting an available value from the drop-down list. In this case, some of the company “Type” fields’ values will differ from the “Type” field values in your target CRM.

If you prefer not to add these unique values to the “Type” drop-down list, but still want to conserve these values in your company records when migrating to your target CRM, our tool will provide you with a solution during your mapping process by prompting you to map the company “Type” field values as shown below.

  • By selecting the Keep original option, you are able to migrate the value for the field in question as is, and will therefore not be mapping this value to any existing “Type” field value on the corresponding drop-down list within your target CRM.
  • By selecting the Keep original for all option, you can choose to migrate all the current values for the fields in question as they are.

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