Import Pipedrive to Odoo and Raise Up Your Business to New Heights (2018)

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Import Pipedrive to Odoo and Raise Up Your Business to New Heights (2018)

Let’s talk about business enhancement and growth. It is believed that every company’s owner wishes his organization to raise up, and do his best to achieve that point. That is why various CRM systems became one of the most helpful and useful tools in reaching the desired goals. But, what if your current platform drives to become a burden for the business development or your budget? Usually, that means that it became a high time to change it. Therefore, Import Pipedrive to Odoo can become your relief.

Import Pipedrive to Odoo

Compare Pipedrive and Odoo to Be Sure In Your Choice

Brief overview

Pipedrive is a great solution for developing businesses and district sales teams. It is a performing CRM created to treat the needs of trading companies by giving a beautiful and in-depth overview of all the sales pipeline management stages and the possibility of providing direct sales. Also, the platform has an open API configuration that ensures a wide range of integration and migration possibilities.


Odoo is a cloud-based and open source CRM. It was designed for all companies regardless of its sizes. The platform’s accent is on improving the marketing & lead management campaigns, sales automation,  and reports.

One of the management features gives the possibility to define criteria that allows to select the most acceptable sales portrait for the leads and to improve the trading as a result. Odoo CRM also helps users to design marketing campaigns for increasing lead generation and providing other brand promotional activities.

As for the other benefits, here they are:

  • Get accurate forecasts
  • Get more done in less time
  • Real-time overview
  • Stay connected to your customers

Odoo fully integrates with other Odoo Apps. Also, the solution can help users to generate leads from social media (i.e., Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter).


Price matter


The solution offers its users three pricing plans for them to choose a suitable set for their budget.

  • Silver – $12 user/month if you will bill annually, or $15 user/month in case of monthly fee
  • Gold – $24 user/month if you will bill annually, or $29 user/month in case of monthly fee
  • Platinum – $49.17 user/month if you will bill annually, or $59 user/month in case of monthly fee


The platform offers its users to buy a basic CRM first for

$15/user/month (if billed annually), or for $18/user/month (if billed monthly).

But, for new users there is a special proposal: they get a discount on the starting number of users

$13/user/month/annually and $16/user/monthly accordingly.

After that, it’s up to you to choose if stay on standalone CRM or to buy additional apps and extra integrations. Notice that not all the apps cost, there are many free-of-charge ones.


To see the further Odoo-vs-Pipedrive comparison, take a look at Trujay page.


How to Import Pipedrive to Odoo Without Data Loss

Two Ways to Switch Your Data

  • Do it manually

That means you will be forced to spend a lot of time and efforts copy-pasting every single record. However, that method has some pros, like you will be able to recollect all the information and actualize/delete it if needed. Besides, all the relations between records will be set in the needed order.

Alternatively, it is a common practice to hire a freelancer (or a team) for moving the data. That allows you to save time yet spends money.

It must be said that manual data migration has one drawback: it contains human mistakes almost always.

  • Take advantage of automated data migration

That is the way all the data will be transferred with no loss yet with preserved relations between records.

Keeping a different side to the previous method, this one excludes the possibility of any human mistakes.

To the word, you can try such a SaaS in action for free by launching Demo Import Pipedrive to Odoo.


Why Choose Trujay

Just take a look at what Trujay clients say about us.

Import Pipedrive to OdooImport Pipedrive to Odoo in Four Steps

Step 1. Register your account at or sign in as a social network user.

registerStep 2. Select Pipedrive as your source CRM and enter its credentials. In case you do not know where to find the API, follow up on the recommendations.

Now, Push “Continue”.

Specify Odoo CRM from the drop-down list and provide required credentials (URL, your CRM username, CRM password, Database Name). If you need some help to find database name, please, visit Trujay FAQ section.

Step 3. Select CRM records you want to move to Odoo, map the required fields and launch free Demo Migration.

Step 4. In case the test results fit your business demands, proceed with Import Pipedrive to Odoo.

Otherwise, contact with Trujay experts and get insights.

Post Migration Activities

Take some steps after Import Pipedrive to Odoo for better discharge:

  • check out your mapping, if the modules are migrated to right fields
  • research if all the relationships between records are saved
  • tell your team about new CRM, provide a tutorial and guide your team how to work with it (or hire the person who will do)
  • in case of any disorder that appears when the migration is complete, contact Trujay experts and get the support.


Final Point

Now you know more about the future CRM, the possible migration ways, and how to switch the data automatically just in few steps.

Well, it is high time to Import Pipedrive to Odoo right away.


Transfer to Odoo limited amount of your Pipedrive data by starting free Demo migration,  and enjoy using the desired solution.

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