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Are you a representative of a CRM vendor willing to migrate CRM data to the platform using automated migration service?
Become our Partner and get advantages for your customers and yourself!

What advantages can your Customer getWhat advantages can your Team get

Special Discounts

Buy coupon codes with a generous discount and give them to your customers.

You can get coupon codes with a partial or % discount on your clients’ migrations. So, you buy them with a discount and offer to the customers who can apply them to their data transfers and pay only the rest of the migration price. You will be able to track the usage of these coupon codes from your account.


Help customer to migrate to your CRM platform with Trujay as an indivisible tool.

Our cooperation can flow in the following 2 ways:

  1. We enable you with a dedicated instance of the service that supports migration only to your CRM platform. You will transfer customers’ data without mentioning Trujay. We will charge you for a fixed monthly fee with no limitations in the the number and size of the migration. This solution suits best if you foresee more than 100 data migration per month.
  2. You create a page like “Migrate to Your CRM Name Smoothly” that contains a form where customers can get in touch your Support team or another focal person. Then, this focal person should take all the required information and specific requirements from a client and order one of the Supported Service Packages on our site. Then, our team will perform data migration including all requested customizations.

Convenient Data Switch

Your clients can migrate their CRM data right away from your website without any mentioning Trujay.

We will provide you with a dedicated instance of the service that performs data transfer only to your CRM platform. All the functionality will be available from your site what will ensure the sense of security without third-party service.

Discounts for Migrations

You have an opportunity to get coupon codes with a partial or fixed discount.

Being Trujay partner, you can get up to 30% discount determining the amount of CRM data migrations. The fixed discounts are also available and will be calculated in accordance with your specific requirements.

Cross Marketing Initiatives

We can offer discounts to your customers due to the birthday/release of a new version/feature of your CRM platform.

Your CRM platform celebrate a birthday or prepare the launch of brand-new feature? Let’s beat the drum together! How? We can organize a cross marketing campaign with discounts/giveaways/special offers to your clients together! These promo initiatives will enhance the customer re-engagement and motivate them to migrate to your CRM.

Are you interested in making the Partnership?

Nothing clarifies things better than a live talk.


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