[landing_header title="Salesforce Data Loader" sub_title="Make sure that your Salesforce data import will be successful - perform the migration in a fast and secure way using our data loader for Salesforce." button_url="https://app.trujay.com/migration/wizard/" button_title="Start your import" button_target="true"]
[feature_block feature_title="Secure" feature_description="We take security very seriously and developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies and policies to ensure your 100% data safety."]
[feature_block feature_title="Automated" feature_description="Migrate your data to Salesforce faster using automatic mode, and avoid the manual work"]
[feature_block feature_title="Customized" feature_description="Migrate any custom fields/modules and other data easily from your current software to Salesforce."]
[feature_block feature_title="Preserve Relations" feature_description="Trujay maintain proper relations between the migrated data."]

[estimator_block data_source="CSV" data_target="Salesforce" select_crm_visible="true" list_of_values="Accounts,Leads,Opportunities,Tasks,Attachments,Calls,Cases,Campaigns,Contacts,Emails,Events,Invoices,Meetings,Notes,Products,Projects,Quotes,Tags" list_of_entities="estimator_entities_records,estimator_entities_mapping,estimator_entities_automated"]
[partner_section partner_image="2680043" partner_title="Trusted by Salesforce" partner_section_sub_title="Trujay is an official partner with Salesforce CRM and is recommended as a service for the secure and swift data import."]
[testimonial_section testimonial_section_sub_title="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla quam velit, vulputate eu pharetra nec, mattis ac neque."]
[banner_section title="Try Data Loader for Salesforce " sub_title="Automated way to import your data directly to Salesforce in a few clicks" button_action_title="Start for Free" button_action_target="true" button_expert_url="#callback_form" button_expert_title="Talk to an Expert" button_expert_target="true"]

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