You can take advantage from this option in the case, when you don't want to buy Package Migration, yet need some custom requests to be done by our tech gurus.Purchasing Assisted Migration, you entrust your CRM data conversion setup to the high-qualified tech team. Below you can check out the list of requests we can fulfil during the Assisted Migration.
  • Assistance with Mapping
  • 1 hour of Technical Assistance
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Assistance with Demo Migration
  • Additional Requests

It includes these features:

Assistance with Mapping

In case, if you are facing difficulties in performing the mapping of the fields (especially complex),our tech experts can assist you with this process considering your custom requirements.

1 hour of Technical Assistance

Every second of this time will be dedicated to your migration completely. We are ready to help you with pre-migration preparation and respond to all your questions on the process.

Personal Account Manager

You will get a Personal Account Manager who is always there to inform you about the migration progress and answer your questions.

Assistance with Demo Migration

We perform Demo migration for you to see how your new CRM will look like after the migration. You are informed as soon as it’s ready and can check its results on your target CRM platform. We proceed with your Full migration only after you confirm it.

Additional Requests

Our tech experts can create the custom fields for you (even during the automated migration) and map them according to your requirements. Also, they can create custom drop-down or multi-select fields.

But, the price will vary depending on the number of the custom fields you want us to create for you (if there are a lot of them, it takes time) and the specifics of the CRM you are migrating to. For estimating the price in this case, contact our Account Manager.

When requesting the Assisted Migration, please provide the following details:
  • Source (current) CRM URL, login, and password
  • Target (new) CRM URL, login, and password

Assisted Migration – $150

Is Assisted Migration not enough for you?

For more hours of support and more migrated items, check out:

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